Consulting Services

Working in the business of professional cycling for over a decade I feel I can be of value to up and coming athletes looking to succeed at their goals.
Unlike most coaching programs I have come across, I prefer to take a different approach than the “package” or “ level” based coaching services. I view the coach as a consultant. As a consultant I am interested in working with cyclists that are striving to succeed in the sport. Cyclists who are cognizant of their activities on and off the bike and have the ability to identify what practices work best for them.
I prefer to work with the athlete who understands the value of using power and logging their training data daily. While, I recognize that athletes can get too attached to their power data and that there is an even larger component of cycling that is based on feeling. I appreciate working with the cyclist who sees the importance in both the technological side of training and the intuitive side.
If you are interested in my consulting services for training and racing please contact me,
Jackson Stewart
2013 BMC Racing Team Assistant Director
2011-2012 USA Cycling Womens Endurance Program Director
2002-2010 Professional Cyclist (Teams: Sports, Kodak-Sierra Nevada, Clif Bar Cyclocross Team, BMC Racing Team)